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“Getting ahead in life or success in life? »

It is difficult to have a high energy level when we are haunted by negative emotions, which is not inner peace. It is also difficult to have positive relationships with others at the same time of maintaining anger. Our lack of energy, our inner demons and conflicts with others affect our daily energy, our business decisions, our productivity, our brief financial health of our entire life. I invite you to read this blog to discover ideas, tools, strategies to help you live your life.

Constructive criticism

Feedback helps to develop another person’s skills or improve our relationship, but we have to know how to give it.   “Honey, your pâté is very good, but you should put more spices in [...]

August 15 2018|Leadership, Motivation|
  • Destructive criticism

Destructive criticism

Constructive criticism is evaluation intended to help us improve our behaviour. Unfortunately, it often proves to be destructive. We all want to know ourselves better and improve ourselves. It seems that there are only [...]

August 1 2018|Emotionnal Intelligence, Leadership|

We Can Be Too Motivated

When we invest everything into one area of our lives, we become extremely vulnerable. If this area collapses, our whole life falls apart.   Mark, 35 years old, approached me because “life at home [...]

July 31 2018|Goals|

They’re doing time together

I have conducted conferences with many, many farmers, and most of the time the topic involved the management of stress. Several of these farmers also approached me for consultation. One constant emerges: the difficult [...]

July 26 2018|Non classifié(e)|

In a Simple Compliment

Why is it so difficult to give positive feedback, congratulate and point out good actions? “I have the impression that it diminishes me; it makes me feel weak.” “If he knows he’s good and [...]

July 26 2018|Leadership, Motivation|

Who’s to blame?

Searching for the culprit in the current agricultural situation?  Remember that it is we who make the final decisions in our daily lives. “My business is so big! I thought expanding would reduce the [...]

July 10 2018|Emotionnal Intelligence, Leadership|

Long live the nap!

Although some people will think it to be unusual,  while others will see it as a sign of weakness or laziness, a short daily nap, nevertheless, can mean the difference between life or death. [...]

July 10 2018|Motivation, Stress Management|

When trust dies

How can we carry on in either a loving relationship or a business relationship when the trust is gone?   “I trusted him blindly before, now that’s gone.” A relationship, whatever the kind, will [...]

July 10 2018|Emotionnal Intelligence|