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Evaluating change

Darwin clearly demonstrated that, as do all species, human beings must constantly adapt to change or risk disappearing. In agriculture, as in business, we must constantly adapt, thus changing in order to survive effectively in a competitive world. In fact, change is the only constant. However, change for its own sake is far from [...]

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How to avoid over-confidence

Entrepreneurs cannot be successful without healthy doses of self-confidence and self-esteem, but there is too often an excess of those two ingredients. Nonetheless, in the right amounts, they are crucial factors in success. Just as in any other recipe, having more than we need is not necessarily a good thing. Healthy narcissism helps entrepreneurs [...]

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Emotional Awarness

Emotional awareness: Being emotionally aware is the foundation of healthy business management  Charles is heading for the stable. He notes that, yet again, his employee has arrived five minutes late. “This is enough. I can’t take it any more.” Charles tells me. He heads toward his employee. In the heat of anger, Charles uses [...]

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