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  • Find out why emotional competencies lead to success during a business transfer.

  • Your emotions: are they your best allies or worst enemies during a business transfer?

Socrates, the Greek philosopher,urged us to «know thyself»

What’s  leadership

Leadership is the influence that a person exercises over a group of individuals. A leader has the ability to  mobilize energies around collective action.

Why  a conference on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership?

It is not enough to have knowledge or to be intelligent to succeed in life. It is also necessary to be emotionally competent.

« No one can tolerate him anymore! The employees are leaving because of the boss’s everlasting grumpy personality. » 

Who said that in business there was no place for feelings? It is important to realize that healthy emotional management is essential for intelligent handling of business affairs. Studies show that the best administrators are the ones who are the most emotionally competent.

Management and feelings are inseparable. The agricultural administrator who is aware and in charge of his emotions, makes better decisions, accomplishes his projects more satisfactorily and is more aware of the needs of others. Aptly and with humour, this conference topic illustrates the role ofemotional intelligence and its impact on the profitability of the business and the supervision of the staff. Knowledge of ones-self, self-management, the capacity to auto-motivate and interpersonal relations are decisive elements for personal and professional success.

You will discover a multitude of strategies to develop your emotional intelligence and leadership.

Contents of the conference

The development of leadership, through emotional skills, will optimize its performance and contribute to the success of its team and the company.

  • Effectively deal with difficult situation.

  • Understand your emotions and gain more emotional awareness.

  • Maintain your self control when under pressure.

  • Persuade others to support your point of view.

  • More successfully build relationship with your customers, employees and family.

  • Use Emotional Intelligence to strengthen influence, trust, communication and accountability.

  • Use Emotional Intelligence to strengthen influence, trust, communication and accountability.

Who is this conference for?

  • Executives and managers of large private and public companies.

  • Entrepreneurs, family business owners.

  • Employees.

  • Agricultural and food companies.

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