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When you’re dealing with human issues make sure you’re choosing an expert on human behavior.

Pierrette Desrosiers -

Pierrette Desrosiers M. Ps,

Work Psychologist, professionnal speaker, author and business coach

As a speaker and psycoach

I stand out with my personalized and rigorous approach. My interventions are based on the latest researches on neuroleadership, psychology of success, psychology of motivation, positive psychology and emotional intelligence. My mission is to provide concrete strategies to help family businesses meet their challenges while promoting productivity and well-being.

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«Mrs. Desrosiers is a person you really need to meet. She knows psychology very well, but her true strength certainly lies in her ability to explain it to us. Her ability to popularize, her just-right humour touches us in all the right places. She makes us realize all of life’s simple truths; essentially, how to be happy in our lives, how to improve our relationships with others, but most importantly, with ourselves!

Now with her HOLSTEIN method where she presents the HOLSTEIN© profile of the breeder of the future, Mrs. Desrosiers moves up a step. Well beyond our Intellectual Quotient, our Emotional Quotient clearly defines the ingredients in the recipe of true happiness and our success in life. During her presentation Mrs. Desrosiers leaves no one indifferent. On the contrary, she has the gift to shake up emotions we would prefer to ignore.»

Germain Lehoux, Président d’Holstein Canada Québec, QC

« You knew how to create interest using the dynamics of your presentation. The combination of theory and practical examples is always deeply appreciated by participants.»

Karine Morin, Project manager, Dairy Cattle Symposium

« Mrs. Desrosiers shares her expertise in the field of human resources management, with great professionalism. Furthermore, her enthusiasm and her savoir-faire create an ideal environment for sharing and learning new concepts. The participants always point out their great appreciation for the workshops she performs for us. »

Adrienne Gagnon, Program director of AgriSuccès

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