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“Getting ahead in life or success in life? »

It is difficult to have a high energy level when we are haunted by negative emotions, which is not inner peace. It is also difficult to have positive relationships with others at the same time of maintaining anger. Our lack of energy, our inner demons and conflicts with others affect our daily energy, our business decisions, our productivity, our brief financial health of our entire life. I invite you to read this blog to discover ideas, tools, strategies to help you live your life.

do you believe in your abilities?

What if success relied, first and foremost, on our beliefs and not on our true ability? In the opinion of some, self-efficacy (SE) determines success. This concept refers to a person's beliefs about their [...]

July 15 2019|Non classifié(e)|

Evaluating change

Darwin clearly demonstrated that, as do all species, human beings must constantly adapt to change or risk disappearing. In agriculture, as in business, we must constantly adapt, thus changing in order to survive effectively [...]

April 23 2019|Non classifié(e)|


“Charisma is the quality of a person who seduces, influences or even fascinates others with his or her speech.” (Wikipedia)   “Indefinable aura of someone who tends to evoke agreement and fascination from many [...]

April 9 2019|Communication, Emotional Intelligence|

How to avoid over-confidence

Entrepreneurs cannot be successful without healthy doses of self-confidence and self-esteem, but there is too often an excess of those two ingredients. Nonetheless, in the right amounts, they are crucial factors in success. Just [...]

March 5 2019|Non classifié(e)|

How self-awareness can help you communicate better

With communication, greater self-awareness increases your effectiveness in communication, one‑on‑one as well as in groups, improving your interpersonal skills and making it possible to establish better human relationships. Here is how the Johari window [...]

February 19 2019|Communication|

Managing our time

There may only be 24 hours in a day, but that’s enough time for us to do what is important to us.   Marc is running out of steam: “I need an eight-day week”, [...]

December 20 2018|Goals, Time management|

Are you disciplined?

How do you explain the fact that you are so far behind in your accounting, that you are paying so much interest? “I don't like to do accounting. I put it off, day after [...]

November 30 2018|Goals, Motivation|