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Testimonials and comments

You will find testimonials of participants from the world of agriculture, food industry and the corporate world. More than 60 000 people from Canada have so far attended conferences and training on topics dealing with emotional intelligence, business transfer, Generation Y, employee motivation, management of change, communication and happiness.

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« You knew how to create interest using the dynamics of your presentation. The combination of theory and practical examples is always deeply appreciated by participants.»

Karine Morin
Project manager, Dairy Cattle Symposium

Reference centre in agriculture and food-processing industry of Quebec (CRAAQ)

« Mrs. Desrosiers shares her expertise in the field of human resources management, with great professionalism. Furthermore, her enthusiasm and her savoir-faire create an ideal environment for sharing and learning new concepts. The participants always point out their great appreciation for the workshops she performs for us. »

Adrienne Gagnon

Program director of AgriSuccès

Farm Credit Canada

Mrs. Desrosiers is a person you really need to meet. She knows psychology very well, but her true strength certainly lies in her ability to explain it to us. Her ability to popularize, her just-right humour touches us in all the right places. She makes us realize all of life’s simple truths; essentially, how to be happy in our lives, how to improve our relationships with others, but most importantly, with ourselves!

Now with her HOLSTEIN method where she presents the HOLSTEIN© profile of the breeder of the future, Mrs. Desrosiers moves up a step. Well beyond our Intellectual Quotient, our Emotional Quotient clearly defines the ingredients in the recipe of true happiness and our success in life. During her presentation Mrs. Desrosiers leaves no one indifferent. On the contrary, she has the gift to shake up emotions we would prefer to ignore.

Germain Lehoux
Président d’Holstein Canada
Québec, QC

I had the pleasure of assisting to Pierrette Desrosiers’ presentation on emotional intelligence. It was a moment of pure pleasure for me. Discovering that the difference between leaders can be measured by the way our emotions are managed. Setting goals, respecting ourselves, knowing how to surround ourselves with valuable people, to listen to ourselves and communicate, that was part of the message she delivered to us with humour and emotion. Her presentation is for all ages. She dares touch on a subject that sometimes forces us to think and helps us make changes in our lives. I told myself I had made a good choice in public speaker. Thanks Pierrette!

Barbara Paquet
Présidente d’Holstein Québec
Québec, QC

During Holstein Canada’s Meeting of the Minds, Pierrette Desrosiers was invited to speak about why emotional intelligence is an essential quality of future dairy farm managers. In her dynamic and humorous style, she made 650 participants realize the importance of managing one’s own emotions before being able to interact efficiently with industry workers, employees and family members. The organizing committee thanks Mrs. Desrosiers for having contributed towards making of this event an exceptional success.

Dr Jean Durocher
DMV, MSc., Coordonnateur de la santé des troupeaux laitiers
Équipe R&D Valacta
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (Québec)

During the Meeting of the Minds at the National Holstein Convention Canada, I was lucky enough to receive a rather unique presentation by Mrs. Pierrette Desrosiers. This professional and experienced speaker was able to adapt to her audience.

Many praising remarks from the participants showed us that as organisers, we must go beyond technique. More and more, people need to hear about subjects that touch the very center of our farm enterprises, the human element. The unconventional content and unique approach of this psycoach were much appreciated for this kind of an event.  I use the strategies Mrs. Desrosiers touched upon every day.Thank you Mrs. Desrosiers for this exceptional presentation.

James Peel
Directeur général
Holstein Québec
Saint-Hyacinthe, QC

Corporations and professionals

Excellent job capturing the audience’s attention and keeping them engaged throughout! We were looking for a speaker
that was both relevant to our customers and would make our event truly memorable, and Pierrette did not disappoint. She was definitely a highlight for our customers!

Jennifer Christie
Sales Promotion Coordinator
John Deere ltée, Grimsby Branch

“Seriously, I am an unconditional admirer of Pierrette Desrosiers’ talent. She is an exceptional populariser with a hallucinating and current knowledge base. She reaches the heights of competency and pertinence, all at once.”

Sonya St-Pierre
Victoriaville, Qc

Mrs. Desrosiers was able, with sensitivity and humour, to treat the delicate subject of work harassment. She helped us realise our responsibilities towards harassment while presenting concrete means to maintain a respectful climate at work.

Armande Blouin
Human Resources Development Counsellor
Desjardins Sécurité Financière

Very interesting conference. Allows us to reflect on the basic elements that help us reach our “Happiness” goal. I enjoyed it so much that I will offer it again to the staff, with their spouses, parents and children.

Pierre Vinet
Quatuor Desjardins Granby/Bromont

[…] appliquer les nouveaux trucs et mettre en pratique la portion qui m’aidera à mieux communiquer avec mes recrues, mais surtout avec les gens autour de moi; mari, enfants, petits-enfants et autres. Je me sens très riche d’avoir eu cette formation!

Nicole Desharnais,
Victoriaville, QC

With this conference, Mrs. Desrosiers allowed us the privilege of a moment of intimate reflection that questioned our proper role in the search of real happiness – thank you for this gift!

Carole Leblanc
Human Resources and Administrative Services Director
Quatuor Desjardins Granby/Bromont


Within the context of the psychological distress that touches our agricultural clientele, your conference is very pertinent. Your concepts are simple, allowing people to situate themselves. Moreover, participants appreciated the reflection that we must undertake following your conference on personal mission and life vision.

The work you do among our farmers is of utmost importance. It helps people be happy – I urge you to continue.

Gaétan Roger
Agronomist, Director-General
Unicoop, Coopérative agricole

Remarkable performance! By means of examples, anecdotes and chosen reflections, Mrs. Desrosiers guides participants in an inner journey where auto mockery, abundant common sense and numerous winks, facilitate awareness and helps to distinguish the essential element, namely to “identify the target”. In a good-humoured and elated atmosphere, the psychological environment goes un-noticed while reaching the target! We leave the presentation with a feeling of serenity.

Colette Lebel
Agronomist and Director of the cooperative business of
La Coop fédérée

A conference that makes you think, that makes you review the priorities in our life. This conference makes us realize the importance we attribute to material gain versus the good things in life. Listening to Pierrette Desrosiers is, in and of itself, a pleasure!

Danielle Picard 
Communication Coordinator
Quatuor des caisses populaires
Granby Region

Public Health and community organisations

The workshop on farming realities and promising interventions that you have given to about fifty people working in health networks and community in the Beauce UPA’s region was appreciated and useful. You cleared up our ignorance of these realities and killed many prejudices with your habitual enthusiasm, humour and intelligence. You’ve given us tools and greater confidence for our future interventions with people from the farming sector. […]

Guy Dubé
Coordinator of the stress management and 
Psychological distress prevention in agriculture
Partage au masculin

Forget about your relationship therapy… In a short time, you will have laughed and… understood!

Claude Charland
CLSC Suzor-Coté

The staff at the “Secrétariat à la condition féminine” insists on informing you of their great satisfaction regarding the presentation you have given us during our annual reunion.

Your personality, your enthusiasm and your sense of humour charmed us all. You have a very special way of letting us understand that happiness is knocking at the door.

Thérèse Mailloux
Assistant Deputy Minister
Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition feminine

Specials events

You knew how to create interest using the dynamics of your presentation. The combination of theory and practical examples is always deeply appreciated by participants.

Karine Morin
Project manager, Dairy cattle Symposium
Centre de référence en agriculture et
agroalimentaire du Québec (CRAAQ)

Through her use of character examples and her dynamic and colourful presentation, Mrs. Desrosiers’s conference made agricultural entrepreneurs aware of the existence of stress in this area of work and the dangers for themselves, their families and their businesses.

Daniel L. Charron
Agronomist, Organisation committee
9e Colloque sur la gestion agricole en Estrie (CIGAE)

We wish to draw attention to your participation as a speaker that contributed largely to the success of the scientific segment of this congress. We sincerely thank you for your participation and the success it brought to this event.

Martine Bouchard, D.V.M.
Director-General of the 30e Éd. du Congrès
de l’Association des médecins vétérinaires praticiens du Québec


While marking the point crossed and showing you my recognition, I notice that the reflections which you raised and the interactions which you facilitated, will contribute to the blooming of the individuals, actors of our profession.

André Vrins, DMV
Vice-Dean of professional training
Université de Montréal
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine