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Work-Life Balance is About Setting and Achieving the Right Goals, at the right time for the right reason

  • Are you trying to meet high expectations in your personal and professional life?

  • Can we obtain a balanced life and still be successful in our professional life ?

  • Do you want to learn strategies for work–life balance?

  • Do you feel overwhelm by all of your responsibilities?

  • Do you have too many priorities?

Too often, business people forget that they are the most important resource in their business. Being out of balance can affect business performance, creativity, innovation and personal wellbeing. When things are going good for the business man, everything is going good. This keynote will allow you to develop an approach which will focus on the balance between work-family-individual which allows you to obtain both your professional and personal objectives.

Managing work-life balance is one of today’s major challenges, specifically in the agricultural world. Can we obtain a balanced life and still be successful in our professional life?

Contents of the conference

  • Define what work–life balance is and is not

  • Examine how your current choices impact work–life balance and identify changes that will have the biggest impact on personal and professional satisfaction

  • Evaluate and balance your “wheel-of-life”

  • Discover your true life values and how they affect your choices

  • Developing strategies to achieve work-life balance.

Who is this conference for?

  • Executives and managers of large private and public companies.

  • Entrepreneurs, family business owners.

  • Employees

  • Agricultural and food companies.

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