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Better you manage stress, to better you succeed in agriculture or corporate environment

  • Unable to recharge your battery?

  • Balancing work and family, do they exist?

  • Do you know the attitudes of 10 people which are too stressed?

  • Will you be the next victim of the “burnout”?

  • Want to take control of your life?

« He quit his job, he threw everything away! He couldn't take it anymore. It appears, he was exhausted! »

Why a conference on stress management and prevention of burnout in agricultural or corporate environment?

“He sold his farm, he threw everything away! He couldn’t take it anymore. It appears, he was exhausted!” 

Stress is omnipresent in our lives, we can not escape it. Performance is constantly waiting for you. At the right dosage, the quest for success stimulates us, but beyond a certain limit, the pursuit of performance can cause chronic stress that exhausts us and poisons our personal and professional lives. Furthermore, this voltage ultimately paralyze the motivation, productivity and happiness.

This conference aims to help participants better manage stress and a better reconciliation of work and family. By establishing their limits in relation to stress and determining practical tools to manage it properly, they will be better prepared to achieve better life balance.

You will discover a multitude of tools, techniques, strategies to better manage stress and prevent burnout (burnout).

Contents of the conference

  • Identify the symptoms of chronic stress.

  • Pay particular attention to the real consequences of “bad stress” on his life, his surroundings and his business.

  • Recognize the major symptoms associated with stress.

  • Know the 5 profiles of candidates for “burnout” (burnout).

  • Develop effective healthy stress management techniques.

  • Recognize the 10 attitudes of stressed people.

  • Attitudes and behaviors that promote healthy and stimulating life

Who is this conference for?

  • Executives and managers of large private and public companies.

  • Entrepreneurs, family business owners.

  • Employees of an SME (small and medium enterprise).

  • Agricultural and food companies.

All of these conferences can be adapted to workshops. Ask for more information.

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