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Same blood, but so different

How do we explain how family members can be so different? We are the products of our genetic baggage and our environment.   “When they were little, they played together so well that I was convinced they would make a good team later on.” “He's my brother, but we think differently and have different [...]

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When Qualities Become Faults

All of our personality traits, when they become rigid or exaggerated, are painful for us and those around us. From the outside, this company looks successful. It has everything going for it: an average of more than 12,000 kg of milk a year,  shiny tractors and machinery, well-managed fields and a spotless barn. However, nothing [...]

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  • Destructive criticism

Destructive criticism

Constructive criticism is evaluation intended to help us improve our behaviour. Unfortunately, it often proves to be destructive. We all want to know ourselves better and improve ourselves. It seems that there are only two ways to do that: through introspection, which consists of self-evaluation, self-analysis and producing a balance of our actions and [...]

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