Your values affect your decisions , but are you really aware how?

You’re thinking of buying a tractor. Of course, as a rational business owner you think that you will evaluate your decision in a rational way. For years management theory assumed that a business person would use a rational decisionmaking model. That model establishes that you will make a decision based on a logical, sensible [...]

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What’s the secret to reaching your goals?

Despite what some pop psychology gurus say, it indeed seems that, in reality, we still have to work, plan and act to get what we want.  How do we increase our chances of reaching our goals? That’s a crucial issue in ensuring the success of our professional and personal plans. Some people try to [...]

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When Ambition Kills You

A serious yet little known illness, known as “bipolar disorder”, has enormous consequences not only for those who suffer from it but also for their families, their friends and their businesses.   Everybody likes Luke… or almost everybody. In the last ten years, the number of animals on his farm has tripled and buildings [...]

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