Are you disciplined?

How do you explain the fact that you are so far behind in your accounting, that you are paying so much interest? “I don't like to do accounting. I put it off, day after day, until the light turns red and I no longer have any choice." Self-discipline is doing what needs to be [...]

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Think Big! Bigger is better

The other morning, while stirring my coffee, I was flipping through an agricultural magazine. “Think big”, “The American dream”, or “Go for it” seem to be life’s biggest objectives. To motivate us, we are bombarded with superlatives like “extraordinary”, “really spectacular”, “impressive”, or “enviable” to describe these mega-businesses, be they from Canada or elsewhere. [...]

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Are You In Shape?

Farm work has always been synonymous with health and good physical condition. Is that still the case? Are you in shape? Paul has no energy anymore. He wakes up exhausted and gets winded at the least effort. Furthermore, he always has a backache. On his wife's advice, he consults his doctor, who recommends that [...]

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