Are You In Shape?

Farm work has always been synonymous with health and good physical condition. Is that still the case? Are you in shape? Paul has no energy anymore. He wakes up exhausted and gets winded at the least effort. Furthermore, he always has a backache. On his wife's advice, he consults his doctor, who recommends that [...]

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“Quality of life,” you said?

It is synonymous with well-being, perceived health and life satisfaction. “Twenty years ago, we went downhill skiing about 15 days a year, my wife and I, but now, finding one day is a miracle. Also, I can tell you that when I do have one, I’m so tired that I don't feel like going [...]

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When happiness goes out the window

With three beautiful children, a loving wife, a very successful business and hardly any debt (yes, this breed of farmer still exists), it would seem that Marc has it all. What else could he ask for? “I don’t know why, but I feel that I’m not meant to be happy; I want more and [...]

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We Can Be Too Motivated

When we invest everything into one area of our lives, we become extremely vulnerable. If this area collapses, our whole life falls apart.   Mark, 35 years old, approached me because “life at home was intolerable”. After having met with the family for a few hours, I quickly realized that I was dealing with [...]

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