How likely it is you will reach your goal?

  It happens to all of us: we set goals and in the end are not able to reach them. Some of the questions listed below can certainly help you to assess the quality of your goal and the probability of reaching it. Importance: how important is your goal? If you rate it only [...]

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What motivates you: the carrot or the stick

Motivation is essential to life. It is the impulse, that little flame that animates us and pushes us to action. At the same time, it can seem like the weather on occasion: sometimes high, sometimes though, uncertain, instable, that is affecting our daily life either positively or negatively. On the other hand, unlike the [...]

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Managing our time

There may only be 24 hours in a day, but that’s enough time for us to do what is important to us.   Marc is running out of steam: “I need an eight-day week”, he says. He feels like a dog chasing its tail. He is dissatisfied and feels he will never finish all [...]

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Are you disciplined?

How do you explain the fact that you are so far behind in your accounting, that you are paying so much interest? “I don't like to do accounting. I put it off, day after day, until the light turns red and I no longer have any choice." Self-discipline is doing what needs to be [...]

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