The one man show

Risking failure during a farm transfer Paul said, “My son will never be able to do what I did and will never be able to succeed like I have.” Paul’s pride, unfortunately, has reached an unhealthy and destructive level. He is a 60-year-old farmer who started with nothing and built up a prosperous company, [...]

Who’s to blame?

Searching for the culprit in the current agricultural situation?  Remember that it is we who make the final decisions in our daily lives. “My business is so big! I thought expanding would reduce the number of problems. In fact, I’ve never had so many.” Paul is distraught. He doesn’t know where to turn. He [...]

A change of perspective

A positive attitude can help us address a difficult situation proactively.   As human beings, we are responsible for our own destiny. Our behaviour is dictated by our decisions, not by our living conditions. Does this statement seem hard to swallow? This premise is at the base of the concept of proactivity. Studies [...]

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Tell me how to motivate?

Congratulate employees on their successes. It is easy to do and costs nothing. A question commonly asked of me is, “How do I motivate my employee?”. A motivated employee is one who voluntarily supplies above-average efforts to achieve quality, value-added work for the team. Motivation is not a static condition or an individual characteristic, [...]

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