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do you believe in your abilities?

What if success relied, first and foremost, on our beliefs and not on our true ability? In the opinion of some, self-efficacy (SE) determines success. This concept refers to a person's beliefs about their ability to act in order to accomplish certain goals. This aspect of self-esteem is an important basis for motivation to [...]

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How to increase your self-control

For most of us, temptation can arise in various forms. We eat too much fast food or sweets, drink too much, sleep in too late, spend too much money, don’t get enough exercise, put off important matters, etc. However it shows up, temptation frequently gets in the way of our goals, and the more [...]

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Evaluating change

Darwin clearly demonstrated that, as do all species, human beings must constantly adapt to change or risk disappearing. In agriculture, as in business, we must constantly adapt, thus changing in order to survive effectively in a competitive world. In fact, change is the only constant. However, change for its own sake is far from [...]

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