When happiness goes out the window

With three beautiful children, a loving wife, a very successful business and hardly any debt (yes, this breed of farmer still exists), it would seem that Marc has it all. What else could he ask for? “I don’t know why, but I feel that I’m not meant to be happy; I want more and [...]

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We Can Be Too Motivated

When we invest everything into one area of our lives, we become extremely vulnerable. If this area collapses, our whole life falls apart.   Mark, 35 years old, approached me because “life at home was intolerable”. After having met with the family for a few hours, I quickly realized that I was dealing with [...]

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What does it mean to succeed?

Everyone wants to be successful. But how do we know we are succeeding or that we are on the right track?   There are six characteristics of a successful life: A peaceful mind: freedom from anger, resentment, anxiety, despair, shame and guilt. A high level of energy and health: a body that is in [...]

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Your values affect your decisions , but are you really aware how?

You’re thinking of buying a tractor. Of course, as a rational business owner you think that you will evaluate your decision in a rational way. For years management theory assumed that a business person would use a rational decisionmaking model. That model establishes that you will make a decision based on a logical, sensible [...]

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