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How can stress lead intelligent leaders to make very poor decisions?

The combination of a high intelligence quotient (IQ) and high emotional quotient (EQ) is necessary for the success of any entrepreneur or leader. The higher one goes in the company hierarchy or the more complex the company is, the more this phenomenon is true. It is even recognized that the EQ and the emotional [...]

Fears that Hinder Communication

  Fear is a normal human reaction. We would not have survived as a species without it. In daily life, however, most of the time, we harbour several fears that are often disproportionate, irrational, exaggerated or even unconscious. They become an obstacle to personal and professional development, proper business operation, teamwork and effectiveness in [...]

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What is really important for you

We make hundreds of choices each day that affect our businesses, our eating, our spending, our relationships, our activities and our health. However, many of these decisions are made unconsciously, automatically, and they often prove to be more based more in emotion than reason (link with TB8: For whom and why do you vote). [...]

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