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Your values affect your decisions , but are you really aware how?

You’re thinking of buying a tractor. Of course, as a rational business owner you think that you will evaluate your decision in a rational way. For years management theory assumed that a business person would use a rational decisionmaking model. That model establishes that you will make a decision based on a logical, sensible [...]

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Are your cows worth more than you are?

In one way, you are like your cows, pigs, fields and tractors. You cannot produce at your maximum physical and psychological potential by mistreating yourself. You prepare healthy, balanced, precise and adapted feed for your cows; you get recommendations from the technician, agronomist and veterinarian; you lay rubber mats on the barn floor for [...]

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When envy gets you down

“Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something inside me dies” Gore Vidal   “Why does my brother act like this? Why does he make fun of me in public? Why does he lie to my father about me and put me down in front of him? Why can’t he acknowledge any of my accomplishments? Do [...]

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When the fuse is too short

“I am like my father and grandfather. We are all a bit hot headed. We get angry quickly, but we cool down fast. The problem is that when I’m angry, I don’t really think about what I’m saying or doing.” Strong emotions, both positive and negative, have a significant effect on [...]

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