“Charisma is the quality of a person who seduces, influences or even fascinates others with his or her speech.” (Wikipedia)   “Indefinable aura of someone who tends to evoke agreement and fascination from many people and which is often associated with that person’s imposing bearing” (anonymous)   People with charisma usually stand out. They [...]

How self-awareness can help you communicate better

With communication, greater self-awareness increases your effectiveness in communication, one‑on‑one as well as in groups, improving your interpersonal skills and making it possible to establish better human relationships. Here is how the Johari window can help you improve your communication.   JOHARI WINDOW What I know about myself What I don’t know about myself [...]

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Fears that Hinder Communication

  Fear is a normal human reaction. We would not have survived as a species without it. In daily life, however, most of the time, we harbour several fears that are often disproportionate, irrational, exaggerated or even unconscious. They become an obstacle to personal and professional development, proper business operation, teamwork and effectiveness in [...]

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