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“Getting ahead in life or success in life? »

It is difficult to have a high energy level when we are haunted by negative emotions, which is not inner peace. It is also difficult to have positive relationships with others at the same time of maintaining anger. Our lack of energy, our inner demons and conflicts with others affect our daily energy, our business decisions, our productivity, our brief financial health of our entire life. I invite you to read this blog to discover ideas, tools, strategies to help you live your life.

A change of perspective

A positive attitude can help us address a difficult situation proactively. As human beings, we are responsible for our own destiny. Our behaviour is dictated by our decisions, not by our living conditions. [...]

July 26 2017|Leadership|

When Ambition Kills You

A serious yet little known illness, known as “bipolar disorder”, has enormous consequences not only for those who suffer from it but also for their families, their friends and their businesses. Everybody likes Luke… [...]

July 26 2017|Emotional Intelligence, Goals|

Tell me how to motivate?

Congratulate employees on their successes. It is easy to do and costs nothing. A question commonly asked of me is, “How do I motivate my employee?”. A motivated employee is one who voluntarily supplies [...]

July 26 2017|Leadership|